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So this happened again...

Family stiffs server because they 'don't agree' with 'her lifestyle.'

Ugggggh YOU GUYS. This is the stupidest thing in the world and it happened almost literally in my backyard. The restaurant in question is right down the road from where I live.

My area of NJ isn't exactly a magical tolerance wonderland (it does trend toward the opposite) but you'd think people wouldn't suck out loud like this. I hope this wasn't anyone I know because if it was... hoooooo boy.


According to the article, the mom of the family in question took a look at the server and assumed she was "Dan" and not "Dayna."

As a lady who tends to present more butch than your average straight woman, I have come across this many, many, MANY times myself. I have been called "sir" more times than I can remember. It's weird, the assumptions we make based on what people look like. But I have never had anyone be shitty to me (to my face, anyway) because I look more like a Patricia than a Patrick. That's just absurd.

I've been avoiding this restaurant because it used to be a gross Indian joint then a gross IHOP and then it was a gross no-name pancake joint and then it was empty for awhile so I'm a'skeered of what might be happening in those back rooms, but now I might go and seek out this Dayna and give her a gigantic tip. Because damn. People are terrible.

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