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So, this happened at the restaurant last night. This is a long-ass post. (TW: Possible Mental Illness)

Last night, while hostessing at the restaurant, a woman breezes past me and tells me she will sit at her usual booth. I have never seen the woman before, but I was informed she has been in before. I went over, poured water in her glass, said hello and all seemed normal. She told me she would have her usual bottle of wine, something felt off. Not quite sure what it was. I mentioned that I will inform her server about the wine request; he will be right with her. Her server went over to the table, all seems well. I continued to seat guests, water tables and chat with the guests. All of the sudden, the woman starts speaking to herself, softly; at first, I thought, well, maybe she's on her phone? Also, folks are a little eccentric where I live. I didn't think much of it, and then I started to get knot a knot in my stomach.

I went over to serve her some water (she didn't need any, I just wanted to chat with her); her wine bottle is on the table and all is good. I ask her how her evening is going, she replies, very well. Then, Diana Krall comes over the speaker, and she starts singing. Loudly. All out singing. I tell that I also enjoy the song and tell her to enjoy the wine. She continues to sing and all the customers start to look over. She continues to drink and now starts speaking to herself, loudly. Goes back between singing and talking to herself; customers looking uncomfortable.

Well, now I'm concerned. I speak to the bartender and the manager (she's new, yesterday, her first day); I inform them that I'm a little concerned about the mental state of the customer. The bartender replies "She's just happy with life, what's the issue? Also, the last time she came in, ordered dinner and gave me a $200.oo and gave waitress another $200.00, what's the big deal?"


I finally realized what bothered me; I believe that the woman was having a manic episode. I grew up with a sister who is bipolar (she was my guardian after my mother passed away) Every time she had manic episodes, she would be happy, acting erratically, shopping, spending money and later, go into hallucinations, anger and violence. At that time, I would have to call emergency services and she would be hospitalized for weeks.

The woman continues to sit there, enjoy her dinner, and finishes her bottle on wine in under an hour. As I go to remove her plate, she states "I think I'm going to sleep in my van tonight, so, can you bring me a second bottle of wine?" My response...Let me speak to the manager. Thankfully, the new manager spoke with her and denied her request. Woman, laughs, requests her check. She pays and left server with about $300.00 worth of 20's for the front desk and everyone who works in FOH of the restaurant. As she leaves, she hands a note to our manager with a rambling poem that states "I'm watching you." Everyone shrugged it off...I was bothered by it. A bottle of wine under an hour and behaving erratically through out her dinner.

How would you handle a situation like this?

TL:DR; woman comes into restaurant, behaves erratically, drinks bottle of wine under an hour, disappears into night....

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