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TW: police shooting/death

I woke up early and decided to take a walk. Around 5:20 am I heard a ton of sirens heading away from my area. So many sirens that I figured an accident happened that was bad enough to close the interstate (I like like 3 miles from it, so that made sense). And then about 15 minutes later I heard another massive round of sirens coming towards my area, but I live fairly close to a hospital so I assumed it was from what I thought was a major accident.

Well, no. A teenager shot and killed a cop a few miles down the road from me.


So I feel weird for saying this, but I was relieved it was a white, non-Muslim kid who shot the cop. Because this shouldn’t get warped into “race war” or “jihad” or any other bullshit inaccurate and offensive talking point that shootings become when the shooter isn’t white.

Surprise surprise, the kid talked on social media about shooting people. Not to mention people have come forward saying he asked them for a gun. And had a history of being violent and confrontational.

I don’t have any answers. Kid used a handgun, so it’s not like trying to do anything about semiautomatics would help this. (not that Missouri would, because this state loves its guns) He had dropped out of high school last year, so he probably had no resources to see he needed help. He sounds like a depressed teenager who needed counseling and then decided to escalate things.

He should survive being shot by the cops who showed up after he shot the first cop (who died), but it’s not like he won’t get life in prison or likely the death penalty.

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