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Service animal question(s)

So this is on the mainpage:

I am type 1 diabetic, and have been for 32 years (for the record, I'll be 33 soon). My diabetes has been a part of my daily life since I've been aware of my existence, and for the most part, people haven't had a problem with it. Yes, there have been those who accuse my mother of "giving" me diabetes by feeding me too much candy (yeah, as a 10-month-old) or not taking the right vitamins, but fortunately they've been few and far between. My mom would come to my school and we'd give a talk about it so it removed a lot of the mystery for my classmates.


I was on an insulin pump in college, which let to way more funny conversations than accusing looks. "Is that for your drugs?" "Why does your pager have a cord?" "Your boobs are beeping." (I'd occasionally stuff it in my bra when wearing slim-fitting clothes.)

After 30+ years of living with this disease, my eyes and kidneys are starting to have issues. I'm not bad enough for a seeing eye dog—hopefully that's a long way off— but we've been talking about raising the money for a diabetes service dog.

I wasn't sure this was a great idea because I feel like I'm not that bad, and I don't want to take away from someone worse off than me. However, 32 years is a long time to have diabetes, and at this point I need more help managing my health than I'm willing to admit.


This article scared me. I know it's an isolated event, but sometimes that's all it takes, you know? I made a couple of comments on the article basically saying that my fear of getting a service dog is that people will treat me like shit because my health issues are not immediately visible. I'm in favor of those with emotional issues getting service dogs, too, if they need. It's not a pet—it's a way of dealing with daily life. We all need help in that department, one way or another.

Are my fears unfounded? I have a temper; what do I say when someone does verbally harass me for needing a service animal? I feel like it's not a question of 'if'' but 'when,' and I know you guys will have good insights.



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