Boyfrand sends me a gchat asking, "It's kosher to get drinks with former students right? Here's a message she sent me a couple years ago though."

"There are a million different things I want to say to you, but for some reason my computer doesn't seem to want to let me; each time I get into the third or fourth paragraph of my story the message deletes itself. That being said, I'll make things short and sweet for now: I'm trying hard not to be cliche, but I'm more than positive that you saved my life, so thank you for that. I could tell you a million different stories about how and when and where and why, but I'm sure yours are much more interesting. So tell me [boyfriend] , how are you?"

Apparently she's driving through his town and wants to get a drink. Everything in me is screaming RED FLAG DO NOT GET DRINKS. But perhaps I'm overreacting, that message was sent a few years ago and maybe she's over it. Also, I think I'd be okay if the drinks were of the coffee variety and not of the alcohol that is served in bars variety. What would y'all do in this situation?