Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So tired...

We've had family over this past week or so, and things have been hectic and chaotic. And today, we had plans to go to lunch when the rest of the gang finished at the storage room. Then we got the work it would be around 2, the older gradlings' nap time. We decided to let the boys skip naps so we could go to lunch with everybody and not leave someone at home with them. And of course it took longer than that at the storage place, and it was well after two before we even left: we ended up getting home right at the end of naptime on a normal day. Now the boys are all cranky and I'm just so fucking exhausted: the Mirtazapine didn't do it's magic last night, and I didn't get enough sleep; when I did, I had those weirdly vivid dreams, which left me with a "dreamover" (my neologism for a dream-hangover, when the uncanny or icky feelings from a dream carry over into the rest of the day. PhMom is making mac-n-cheese for the gradlings, and we will probably move bedtimes a little earlier tonight. Until then, I'd better get off the computer. If I don't post again, I've probably lapsed into catatonic slumber.


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