All of my attempts at napping today were thwarted.

First and foremost, shall we celebrate the fact that today was MY LAST FUCKING SUNDAY MORNING CLASS?! Which I showed up to a half hour late and incredibly hungover. Because my friends' plan last night was "we are sending you to that last godforsaken class hungover as FUCK." The problem lied in the fact that I had to finish my final paper, which I didn't get to finish until about 4 am. So, not much sleep.

Came home, hung out with Mamadukes and grandma for a bit, ordered some food, then tried to nap. Got woken up by the Prince standing by my bed yelling "WAKE UP SLEEPYHEAD!!!" And then "actually I was wondering if I could borrow a lighter?" I didn't even ask why he was in my apartment, lol. Turns out he stopped by to see Mom and grandma for Mother's Day and give them cards and chocolate. And steal my lighter.

Tried to nap AGAIN, to be woken up by my sister yelling from outside the apartment to come outside. So I stumbled outside and hung out with her and my BiL for a bit.

I considered trying again but my best friend was like "oh can you edit this email to my professor for me plz" So I just gave up and watched Game of Thrones. Now I'm having a whiskey and coke.

How was everyone's Sunday? Pleasant Mother's Day for all, I hope?