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Welcome To The Bitchery

They really need to get some kind of science writer or someone who thinks critically for a few seconds before posting things. Actually, don't we have a whole sub-blog for these kinds of food topics now? Maybe let Uber take care of it. Not that I disagree with the sentiment, school lunch reform would be awesome, but you can't just make stuff up or post a bunch of fear mongering to get people to agree with you.

Public Schools' Chicken Nuggets Don't Contain Much Chicken

Except that's not what any of the linked articles say. Pretty sure it contains mostly chicken. It just has lots of other ingredients too. Then they go on to list the ingredients which are all SCARY CHEMICALS with scary names, oh no. Except that they're just like salt, starch, and yeah a little bit of sand, but guess what? That's in everything and it is completely harmless. It is used to stop things from clumping.


The thing that makes me most angry is that they must think we are all idiots or something and just black out when we see long names of chemicals. These are all well-studied, very simple compounds.

Is it ideal that we have all these ingredients in our food? No. But it makes it possible to transport and store at a reasonable price and it can be prepared by a relatively unskilled employee. When schools don't have money to buy textbooks or pencils it seems kind of ridiculous to be talking about this.

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