So I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night. My therapist wants me to try going to bed by 10pm every night. So far in the last week I haven't done it once. It's like I get anxious right before bed because I know my day is going to start over tomorrow. I have to get up go to work, deal with the baby, do chores. I live for those couple hours at night I have to myself so I just try to stretch it out as long as possible.

On rare occasion, like last night, I was in bed at a reasonable time. However, big bird and I have this really bad habit of not going to bed early and deciding to stay up late and fuck at least a couple times a week. So we stayed up later than we should have (worth it), then peep decides to wake up and scream every 15 minutes or so and then drift back to sleep, then my trazodone doesn't work and I wake up at 4am for an hour and then I over sleep. Not exactly the best outcome. But at the time I thought "who the hell needs sleep, let's do this all night!" So um, do I tell my therapist why I haven't been going to bed