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Welcome To The Bitchery
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my 3-11/12ths-year-old chose My Little Pony (streaming on Netflix).

I think I may need to have "the talk" with him. Mostly, I want him to know that, when he's ready to come to me and say, "Dad, I'm a Brony," he'll know that it won't change the way I feel about him. I'll just let him know about my beliefs. A lot of people think that you choose their fandom, but I believe that fans are born that way. I mean, I could sit him down in front of the TV and show him nothing but original trilogy Star Wars, but I know that won't really change who he is. And no one should expect him to change: even if I don't understand it, I know that being a Brony is nothing to be ashamed of, and that he doesn't need to hide it from me. Of course, it's also important for him to understand that accepting his fandom doesn't mean I'm going to treat him any differently than I would a Trekkie or Whovian kid. Accepting fandom doesn't mean allowing the fan to do absolutely everything he wants. I mean, there need to be boundaries. I'm okay with a little bit of light meme-building and cosplay, but I don't want him to get into any hard stuff, like 4chan or something. Perhaps there's a chapter of PFOPAB (Parents and Friends Of Pegasisters and Bronies) nearby that can give me some pointers?


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