It started off fine...but it's gone downhill since I left work.

-came home to a semi-flooded apartment. One of the pipes in our bathroom sprung a leak and twater has seeped into my room. My landlord is on it, but it's looking like we have to wait until tomorrow to get it fixed. No hot bath for me tonight, and it's looking like I'll sleep on the couch.

-then slipped on a patch of wet leaves on my way to the metro and twisted my already fucked-beyond-repair knee. I could barely hobble home. In the rain. Great. Luckily (sarcasm), I have an appointment to get an MRI and another appointment to meet with an orthopedic doctor so this injury will just be added to the compendium of others. Killing all the birds with all the stones. Or something.

I'm now drinking tea and eating flan and being grumpy.

Turd day indeed.