Today I went to a big rally for Justin Trudeau. We filled a hockey area in Brampton.

Justin gave an amazing speech. I think my favourite part was this:

“I’m a fierce competitor. I believe in what we’re doing and I’ll fight hard for it.

But I want you to keep something in mind. Always.

In the end, we are all Canadians.

Conservatives are not our enemies. They’re our neighbours.

They want what’s best for their country, just like we do. They want safe communities and a growing economy. They want better jobs and more opportunities for their kids. They want their country to stand for something in the world, with the tenacity to solve big problems.


We don’t need to convince them to leave the Conservative Party. We just need to show how Stephen Harper’s Party has left them.”

This. So much this. There are two weeks left in this election, and the very latest polls suggest that the Liberals are surging. The NDP has dropping to third. But the polls also suggest that we are looking at a Conservative Minority Government.


We have two weeks.