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Welcome To The Bitchery

So two years ago when I was a student somebody submits a facebook screenshot to our feminist page of your standard misogynist saying ignorant things, all names blocked out and such. The misogynist felt sad that nobody understood that just because he was a lad didn't make him a misogynist and people were mean to him and his feelings were hurt. I post a mildly amusing role-reversal thing where I suggested that the misogynist should 'lighten up', 'learn to take a joke' wouldn't care as much if they could just get laid, ect. Very clearly mocking the things that were said to us, in the group on a daily basis. Literally everyone got the joke.

Except for one dude, who NAMED the person who had made the original facebook post, revealed that this guy was disabled and struggled socially. I immediately explained my joke, pointed out that I didn't know the named person, and apologized that my words had caused distress, just about resisting pointing out that no distress would have been caused if this stupid dudebro hadn't informed the misogynist that the nasty feminists were bullying him. Apparently my apology and explanation were so gracious that the misogynist forgave me on the spot and added me on fb. We were in the same (small) college so there was a chance we'd see each other at the bar, so I accepted.

No problem really, from time to time he'd post an uncomfortable compliment like "that red lipstick looks really nice on you :)" on a random picture EVEN THOUGH WE'VE NEVER MET.


Theeeeeeen last week I randomly get a friend request and rilly long message from him essentially saying "I deleted you off fb when I was drunk, I'm really sorry please can we still be friends I hope you're not mad." I politely informed him that I hadn't realized he had even deleted me, and accepted, mildly concerned that if I didn't he'd go into some depressed spiral or maybe come after me (overactive imagination).

Today I woke up to a message sent at 2AM saying "please can I give you a compliment?'

I'VE NEVER MET THIS GUY! BoyFloreat finds it quite funny and isn't really concerned, I'm worried that this guy is quite unbalanced, but he's really creeping me out. I can't believe I'm making myself uncomfortable for the sake of hurt manfeels, but I've heard stories about this guy banging on girls doors in the middle of the night completely drunk and crying when they ignore him. I don't know if he knows where I live but he's a smart guy I'm sure he could figure it out. So freaked out.

EDIT: Does anyone know how to do headlines? Mine keeps vanishing...

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