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So, uh, I'm a jerk

But y’all remember discussion of this wedding? Yeah, we went to the rehearsal dinner last night and it was a total shitshow.

The Mother of the Bride thought she could talk to us some kinda way (uh, no, ma’am, you cannot), it was totally disorganized and, instead of being apologetic that we got lost (because of course we fucking did!), the couple got exasperated and MotB got snarky with us (rolling her eyes: You think you can find it again tomorrow?).

So, yeah, I’m not going to the ceremony. Fuck that noise. I’m going to show up for the reception so Homey has a date but I’m not playing the “wait around for three hours game,” especially with both families acting like asses and MotB thinking she can talk to me in a way my own mom doesn’t even talk to me. Nuh-uh.


So, I’m at home, going to do some cleaning and watch some TV.

All that wedding BS going on up there? They can handle it their own selves.

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