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Welcome To The Bitchery
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So, uh...is it after dark enough where I can do an adult post?

NSFW, talking about adult...things.

We talked about it on another thread a while ago, but it got me thinking. I used to enjoy porn, both commercially made and amateur, but the more that I learn about feminism and the adult industry in general, the less I like most mainstream stuff. And a lot of amateur stuff is starting to get scary. I find myself thinking, "oh god, does she know this is being filmed? why hasn't she looked at the camera? did they break up and then one of them posted this without the other's permission and now it's on the Internet?" It ruins it for me.


I already wasn't into humiliation/degradation, but now I notice things that didn't use to bother me, too. So I'm mostly reading erotica, which, to be honest, doesn't always do it for me.

Do any of you guys have any "feminist" or at least not terrible porn recommendations? Or am I stuck with my boring imagination forever?


I'm talking porn where the woman is obviously enthusiastic about what's going on, nothing shady's going on, and everyone is having a good time. Does it exist?!

Should I tag this post with something so we can find it later? Maybe we can add to it as we find things?

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