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So upset

So my husband and I have been going though the foster care process, and last night I totaled up the amount of driving we'd have to do once we had a child in our home. this would be for parental visitation, doctor's appointments, school, daycare, checkins, court dates, possible therapy... And honestly, I don't think we can do it.

I can't drive- I have epilepsy. The agency knows this and assured me there were alternatives to my husband doing all of it( his work won't allow that kind of time off)- but by alternatives they meant having another family member of ours do all of the training with us and taking up my contribution. I have no one. His family is all out of state. Public transportation can't be relied on in this area for all of it, and some of these appointments are out of the county, and need to be exactly on time. And I also can't imagine taking a child to therapy, and then taking them on a crowded bus afterwards. I didn't like that, and honestly my stuff was mild. And what if that was after visitation and the parent followed? Is that even allowed?

So I've been crying all night, and my husband is pushing me to make a general question asking meeting at the agency to make sure there are no other alternatives.


The world does not want is to have any kids guys. This is killing me. Invisible disabilities suck. I am tempted to call my Neuro and discuss pregnancy again. I know it's high risk though. Maybe something has changed?

Gifs and insight appreciated.

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