Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Last night at about 11:45 my kitchen sink decided to keep running after the faucets were turned off. Not a lot, just a steady little stream. An annoying, anxiety-inducing stream coupled with an airy gurgling sound in the pipes.

I tried not to stress about it, assuming there is a washer that needs to be replaced or something; but about a half-hour later I gave in, scrubbed the sink clean, and called the emergency number for my building. The super comes up, takes a look and whines, "why did you call me? this is not an emergency". Dude, I am not a plumber, (and neither are you buddy, who keeps telling me the occasional leak in my bathroom ceiling is my fault somehow) so how can I tell if it's an emergency or not? What if it was leaking in the walls? I called you for peace of mind. Thanks for being a jerky jerk about it. No Christmas tip for you!


So now I have to wait until tomorrow or maybe Monday for him to fix it. And I don't think it's just a washer, cause when he turned the water off under the sink it kept coming.

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