The husband of one of my friends/former co-worker passed away on Monday. They had been separated for a few months even though she is pregnant. The visitation is tonight and I found out yesterday that he killed himself.

My friend is only 22 years old living in a new house with a mortgage and she is 7 months pregnant. Also, her parents live over an hour away and her MIL (who lives just a few minutes away) doesn't like her and is trying to blame her son's death on my friend. I have heard that she is telling people the baby isn't his. I doubt very much that this is true and am so very angry. I hope my friend doesn't know that this is rumor is being spread but I wouldn't put it past the MIL to have said it to her face.

The husband was an insurance salesman and when I heard he was dead I thought "I hope he had life insurance because she will really need it" but even if, it was suicide so no payout.

Even though he had been acting really weird in the past few months (wouldn't meet with friend to talk about how to handle split with baby, showing up at her house at midnight, just being generally squirrelly about what he was doing...) I know she is going to be dealing with a lot of guilt and she doesn't not need this bitch starting shit right now.