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So Very Tired

If any of you have been following along, you know my new puppy had an abscess on his back. The new vet originally tried to treat it with antibiotics, but yesterday he had to have it opened, cleaned and drained. Now it is open and draining. Of course Puppy is less than comfortable and he has to wear not only a cone on his head, but a toddler shirt to keep him from scratching the wound. So I slept on the floor with him to keep an eye on him. I was hesitant to put a dog with a draining, oozing wound in my bed, plus I was afraid if I slept too deeply I would somehow poke or mess with the wound. Sleeping on the floor sucks. And I slept really lightly. I am so very tired now. Long story short, I am home with him keeping an eye on him, so I am still so tired. Tomorrow the mister stays home with him. He will sleep on the floor and I can get some good rest. Poor puppy.


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