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So we called Union Gas...

We were catching a whiff of natural gas next to the regulator, so we called the gas company.

Then we needed to go out and run an errand. We came back, and there's a piece of equipment used to measure natural gas in the air sitting on a flowerpot next to our front door, but no tech around anywhere. That was half an hour ago. It's still sitting there. No note or anything.

I don't think it's the kind of thing that just gets left behind to monitor the situation. It looks like a unit that it meant to be handheld. Last year we had to have some emergency repairs made on the pipes, and the Union Gas Employee who was monitoring things until it got fixed would drop by and take readings with a device just like it.

I'm beginning to wonder if he dropped by when we were out, took a reading, and then left his meter behind? I guess I'll wait an hour, and if it is still there, give the gas company a call.


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