Very loud, yelling out Bible passages and giving people flyers while shouting about how we need to know Jesus and be reborn.

They had a baby with them. The Prophet heard the baby crying, but the mother ignored it to keep holding up her big sign and pass pamphlets.

A little while later I strolled through on my way to grab a quick lunch before class. The guy was shouting about Jesus's name, so I engaged. I just said "Yeshua" and kept walking.

The guy stopped talking and looked at me and shouted/asked "Do you know Him?"

I said I was just a stickler for accuracy.

He said that his name was Jesus. I told him that he would have actually called himself Yeshua. To which he replied that in Greek his name was Jesus. I was just all "But he'd have called himself Yeshua."


So the guy asked me if I was a Messianic Jew. I told him I was neither Jewish nor religious at all, and I saw my crosswalk light turn green and started back on my way to food.

He shouted after me "Be healed of your sins!"

I replied back "I sin gladly."

And then I got myself some delightful lunch and went to class.