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I was just curious. What do you 'consider yourself to be'
A lot of talk about race, ethnicity recently, so just curious for curiousity sake (translation: bored at work)
I'm personally African-American & Japanese (75:25 respectively).

ETA: There is speculation of native american on my moms side, but no way to confirm it at this point.

ETA: I often just consider myself a 'hybrid', since I think of myself as a combination of different American subdivisions. I grew up in WA and CA, latino, asian, white & 'black' neighborhoods, both rich and poor. So I've always been "Too ____ to be ___" (ie, too white to be 'black'). If they want my race I'll just say "Black and Japanese" (but I hate using the term black [if curious why]) to shorten the conversation.

ETA: Thanks for the responses. Its interesting that a lot of you put more into it than just the genetic/ancestry.

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I found this to be weird. Filipino no longer grouped up with asians.

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