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Welcome To The Bitchery
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So what do I do with this?

First off, thank you to Sorcia for granting me author privileges. Very much appreciated; now I don’t have to keep poking poor Zap to share posts.

Anyway, on with the post... *ahem*

As a bit of context, I’m studying for a Bachelor’s in Health Administration. I was doing some peeking at my academics this past week, and I saw that if I keep to my current course I can be finished by early next summer.


Now, off and on I’ve Googled variants of the phrase ‘what can I do with a degree in Health Administration’. I’ve seen a few helpful sites pop up, but I’ve also seen a lot of discussion on sites like Indeed.com that say the degree by itself is almost worthless. They talk about getting a second degree to go along with it, generally in fields like Nursing or Public Health. Now, I’m not averse to that; I’ve actually thought about going into either an accelerated BSN program for folks who already have a degree or (possibly) a Master’s program for Nursing. But it kinda sucks to think about having to go through even more school and take on even more in financial aid just to have degrees I could potentially make a good living off of.

Anyone else ever been in a boat similar to this? Any advice going forward?

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