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So, what IS happening in Flint?

A few of my colleagues were talking at lunch today about Flint. We haven’t heard much of the latest news - our locals in the SW part of Our Fair State haven’t had much to say lately. Since in my workplace I’m known as the Google Guru and I did have 30 minutes of planning time this afternoon, they asked me to do a quick search and get the latest. And the latest is from ... Indiana! I sent them this:


We are all horrified about this entire thing here downstate because most of us had seen this coming. It very well could have been us instead of Flint. The “Emergency Manager” laws that had us all nervous, were voted out on recall and then simply just enacted anyway has us all on the sites: our cities, school districts and now our children’s health. Yet on many parts of our state current updates are hard to find. Do they think we’ll forget?

Hell no!! We hear that recall petitions are coming out in the next two weeks and I’ll sign for a third time (LONG story here if you’re not from the Mitten). I’m just amazed there haven’t been impeachment talks mentioned.

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