Oh hey, Trumpsters, looks like your candidate is going back on campaign promises before he’s even inaugurated. Is this a record switchback? Less than 48 hours after being elected?

Dude isn’t draining the swamp, he’s dredging the swamp. From CNN:

To shape his administration, Dumpster Fire* is drawing squarely from the “swamp” he has pledged to drain.

Trump’s transition team is staffed with long-time Washington experts and lobbyists from K Street, think tanks and political offices.

...he has so far fully embraced lobbyists within his transition, and all signs point to a heavy influence from longtime Washington Republican circles on his transition. And with Trump mostly skipping detailed policy proposals during his campaign, they can have a powerful impact on his agenda.

Look at this veritable who’s who of Washington outsiders!

  • former Rep. Mike Rogers
  • former Reagan Attorney General and Heritage Foundation fellow Edwin Meese
  • former President of Heritage Edwin Feulner
  • former Bush administration official and lobbyist Christine Ciccone
  • former Dick Cheney adviser Ado Machida
  • former Senate Budget Committee staffer Eric Ueland
  • former Sen. Jeff Sessions’ chief of staff Rick Dearborn.

The effort is chaired by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Trump counts former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Sessions as close advisers.



*Cannot and will not refer to him as “president elect” or put his name anywhere near the phrase. He doesn’t deserve the respect.