i have been a busy little bee to make up for being the Queen of the Lazies yesterday. my mother dropped off the last 2 buckets of tomatoes last night, so i've sorted them all, made 2 trays of dried cherry and yellow pear tomatoes, used the last of the bell peppers and onions to make a batch of pizza sauce (which is reducing now, and i will be canning soon), and made a tray of garlic croutons with the half loaf of light rye bread i had leftover from the sausage and cheese strata i made last night. i also cleaned out the fridge, and cleaned up all the stuff i used and the counters, etc.

there's a wild apple tree or 3 i've had my eye on, and i think it might be time to take the kids and go pick crab apples for apple butter. i'm on a roll today!