We just found a dead mouse on the stairs and a very proud cat meowing beside it, so I’m going to boil our house! Last night Kali spent hours staring under the fridge, so I had a feeling that there was an uninvited critter inside, but seeing it is so much worse than an unconfirmed vague suspicion.

I logically know that since we live in a really old house, the number of inhabitants is much higher than I would like it to be, but this is only the second time (in three years) that any of the cats have caught a mouse, and we haven’t found any droppings or other evidence anywhere. Guess I can’t continue to delude myself. At least the cats were already full from breakfast and I didn’t have to deal with finding part of a mouse.

Next up, clean house, buy a bike lock, make bread, make food for the week, clean house a few more times.

Stone cold killer