I'm the baby of my generation. I'm seven years behind my next oldest cousin, so there's quite a gap. Even so, this baby is 33, and I'm beginning to wonder: When's it my turn to be a host?

Every year, there are multiple holiday parties, from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day. Hosting duties tend to be shuttled around from person to person so no one is responsible for throwing more than one party.

This year, the person who was supposed to host Christmas is having financial issues, so they cancelled the party. "I'll host!" No one said anything, and I figured maybe everyone was happy to not have to travel on Christmas Day.

Then, a cousin's son was injured in an accident, and she had to cancel Chrismtas Eve. Before I could even get out the offer to host again, my aunt stated that SHE would be hosting. In her tiny apartment with no parking. On her non-existant budget because her husband is out of work and she's trying to get by on Social Security. While she's in the middle of a huge crisis (part of which is the fact that her grandson was in a freaking car accident). I offered to host again, but was ignored.

I'm just... baffled. My house is clean. I have room for people and tons of parking. I'm a great cook. I have no financial crisises, and can easily afford a party. I have thrown parties before, and I was raised under the Queen Bee for putting parties together. Throwing the holiday party is well within my skillset and means.


I also just realized that I've never been directly invited to any of these parties. They just tell my mother 'Oh, tell Katie the details, too', like we still live in the same house or something. For fuck's sake, family. I'm honestly not sure what it'll take to clue them in to the fact that I'm not a child anymore.