Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

A. Evil Elf Sessions who trump’s been wanting to fire for ages

B. Deputy AG Rosenstein

C. Full on Constitutional Crisis firing of Special Counsel Mueller

D. None of the above as trump is a very stable genius who would never do anything so reckless




My rampant speculation: 


In the wee hours of Friday morning - maybe as late as 6am if he didn’t eat too many scoops of ice cream before going to bed Thursday night.

Over twitter.

This is after a long discussed plan on Thursday to fire Rosenstein at the end of the day Friday with a press release going out shortly thereafter. But trump couldn’t contain his tiny fingers after watching several hours of fox newz pundits talking about Rosenstein’s TOTAL WITCH HUNT against trump.


Or maybe we’ll just invade Syria Mexico Syria this weekend.

And now I’m going to go walk little Bindi as she wants nothing to do with this discussion and needs to go sniff some things around the neighborhood.

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