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tl;dr: differing schedules and no concept of time is really annoying.

I think I’ve bitched before about how Mr GV has no concept of time. Literally. He has no idea how long things take or that with his weird sleep schedule (not his fault) we often can’t get everything done we want to do in the time available. For example (from last night):

Me: I really want to do something outside this weekend. Go hiking or something.

Him: I think I’m going to get my hair cut this weekend.

Here’s what I know: he can’t think more than a day or two ahead, so he’s probably thinking he’ll get his hair cut today (Saturday). That means he gets out of bed around 1:00 and is ready to go get his hair cut by 3:00. Nothing I want to do will be planned by then because he’s incapable of decision-making because he isn’t awake enough to think that far ahead (again, that fact is not his fault, but it’s fucking annoying). We might get going somewhere by about 4:00, which isn’t too bad this time of year.


Why not Sunday? Well, if he isn’t able to get going early we run out of time even faster because we go to his folks’ for dinner on Sundays. I can go to the coast on my own and be back in plenty of time, but that doesn’t work with him.

Oh, and I do the driving because he lost his license ages ago and we can’t afford a payment plan for his fines right now. An important point because I start to fade sooner than he does and don’t like driving dark highways with stupid drivers at night.


I often do things by myself because of the “time difference” in our schedules. I have no problem most of the time. There are, however, things that I really want to do with him or would like him with me so I don’t get murdered or totally lost (a lot of what I want to do is in remote areas and my sense of direction is seriously impaired). This could probably be remedied by joining a meet-up group, I just haven’t pulled the trigger on that, yet.

Mostly I needed to vent because this shit gets tiring and I hate the look on his face when I bring up something I’m frustrated about. He knows and he tries. I can pour him into the car at 11:00am to go do something, but it’s really pathetic and I feel bad when I ask him to do it.


What sorts of issues like this come up in your relationships?

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