I am so worried about Ukraine. Putin is such a throwback to Krushev and other Russian leaders. All very much land obsessed especially for sea access. He is obviously playing the long game so I am sure he could care less about the short term affects of sanctions. He is looking 25 and more years down the road not 3 or even 10.

I can't think of anything we or Europe can do short of military. I so remember the Cold War. I remember The Day After, for many here it is a movie but at the time that was a real possibility, granted remote but real.

I don't want to go back to those times. The days of worrying about terrorism is minor compared to nuclear missiles aimed at you and a nation that despises and doesn't trust you with nukes aimed at your nation.

Ukraine I so fear will be President Obama's lasting legacy since it will probably mean the start of another Cold War, sadly nothing can be done. Putin just doesn't care and will do what he wants. He knows we are not going to send troops to Ukraine. Financial risk is just short term thats why Breshnev ignored Carter with Afghanistan and Krushev ignored Eisenhower. Both knew we really were impotent short of using military force.

I just think this week could turn our president's legacy into being a failed presidency if the cold war returns and again short of military force there is nothing he can do. Putin has all the cards and doesn't give a rats behind what President Obama or President Merkel says or does. I doubt he will touch a NATO nation but Georgia and other freed post Soviet nonNATO states he could very well go after them again. Ukraine is not part of NATO, stupid and short sighted of NATO not taking them in back in the 1990s.


Tell me I am overreacting. I so fear the slogan "President Reagan ended Cold War, President Obama restarted it" that I so fear is coming rapidly.