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So, yeah, I think we finally, probably broke up most likely...

Wasn't a blow out, no calling of names (him) or rolling of eyes (that'd be me). Just an acknowledgement that we're never going to land on the same page—I feel like I need a long period of stability and positivity to gain back my trust and faith in us and move forward, he feels like he can't have faith if we aren't moving forward (he wanted to move to California and live together...in APRIL).

Makes no fucking sense to me but who knows. Maybe he has to shit all over something when it starts to get good (I just got back from Chicago and it was great). Maybe he doesn't really love me. Maybe he has issues. I definitely have issues, but at least I see a therapist.

So, I am just sitting here, kind of staring into space, not knowing what to think. And I know this post makes no sense whatsoever but I figured I'd chime in since everyone on GT seems to be parting ways with friends and lovers lately.


The sadz will hit later, right now I'm just kind of dumb*. I feel lighter, though. That will pass when I start to develop the crushing realization that I will be alone forever.

I'll be needing gifs, because whatever the haters say they still make me happy. Preferably something with kittens, drag queens or Ab Fab.

* Well, numb, actually, but dumb works too. Typo stays.

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