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Another day, another crisis

So, yesterday, I get a panicked call from my neighbour that she's stuck and can't move. I ran over there, and she's in the hall, leaning on her cane and the wall, and can't move her left leg. I helped her get settled and started trying to figure out what's wrong. She says she felt something pop in her back earlier that morning, and her whole left side from the waist down went numb. I convinced her that calling the ambulance was reasonable, and so we did.

Thank goodness we did, because by the time they got there, she was sobbing in pain. I would never have been able to get her into or out of my car on my own. I went with to the hospital (got to ride in the front of an ambulance for the first time) and stayed with her in the ER. (Side note: since you're usually in the ER for hours, why can't they have more comfortable chairs?)

They gave her muscle relaxers, pain meds, and anti-nausea stuff, finally got her in for a CAT scan, and found that she has a bulging disc which is pressing on the nerve bundle that controls the left side. They sent her home with a couple Valium and Vicodin, and told her to lie down as much as possible. We borrowed a walker from another neighbour, and I stayed with her last night so she wouldn't have to get up more than absolutely needed.


Does anyone know how long it will take for her to heal? Does something like this heal on it's own? Does anyone have any experience with something like this? Is there anything she can do, or that I can do for her, until she sees her regular doctor next week?

(I tried to add a cute picture as a thank you for reading this far, but... kinja.)

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