Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Thanks, Spanish! Without you I'd never have been able to read this article, even though it's in Galician and not Spanish at all.

What I learned while reading the article:

Galician is a lot like Spanish, except in all the ways it's not at all like Spanish because it looks like Portuguese.


I might be able to read things in Asturian and Catalan too - the Galician wasn't hard at all.

Oh yeah, stuff about the process of translating Beowulf into alliterative Galician verse, since there was content in the article as well.

This is definitely why they have us humanities grad students learn another language - not everything's written in English, and a second language can help you access a good amount of scholarship you otherwise couldn't access. And in some cases it can help you with articles in languages you don't even speak, because hooray for closely-related languages!

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