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It was my last day at my (now) old job, which was sad but also good! I was way overworked but also underutilized, doing work that I was way overqualified for and BORED TO TEARS. Anyway, last month an old job of mine called and offered me full time work running operations, with a 25% raise.

So I go into work yesterday and in a fit of bad luck, scrape the fuck out of my brand new (two weeks old, 4 miles when I drove it off the lot) car on a pole. ON MY LAST DAY. Which will cost me money that I was planning on using to pay down my credit card. It’s just the worst fucking feeling, to have such a pointless expense and ruin such a pretty thing. Not a huge deal in the long run, but just sucks.


But I was also hugged a lot and told how amazing I was and got a beautiful sandwich for lunch.

It’s weird—I spent three years trying to work at my company (they’re a major leader in my field) and it turned out to be pretty dysfunctional and normal. It was great to shift into a single full time job from the three to five retail jobs I was working, it was great to have insurance, and my team was full of amazing people, but the managers are not great at managing. Because of the weird workload and expectations, combined with the low pay and entry-level title, I ended up kind of depressed about it.

Now I’m going into my other major industry, with a nice pay bump, a manager’s title, salaried so I don’t lose income if I need to take a personal day, options for working from home, a clear path for growth, and I’m super excited. But I’m also sad the nonprofit world didn’t work for me.

And I’m still mad and embarrassed about my car.

And I’m covered in bug bites that no one else is getting. And I think I have a yeast infection, but only on my vulva. WHAT IS GOING ON IN LIFE.



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