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"So you want to date a teaching assistant?"

I'm so proud. My alma mater, the University of Western Ontario, published this article in the Frosh Week edition of their student newspaper. It probably should have been named "how to sexually harass your TA". JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, WESTERN.


Trigger warning for, well, sexual harassment in the workplace.

Gems include:

1. Do your research. Facebook stalk and get to know your TA. Drop in on his or her tutorials, and if you're not in that class — make it happen. Switch in if necessary.

Expert tip: Be good at the subject and showcase your smarts.

2. Get sexual. Not too direct, of course, but express your flirtatiousness in a relatively appropriate manner. Feel free to be liberal with those top buttons on your blouse or button-up shirt. Just ensure your ensemble screams "flattering" and not "desperate."

5. Take full advantage of this one-on-one experience. Request a meeting during office hours for further assistance on that one question you are "just really having trouble with, and could use some help on." If they bite, you have hit the jackpot of available TAs! If not…

6. Know when to give up. At the end of the day, TAs are there to guide you through the curriculum – so there's a good chance you have to be okay with that and only that. They may not be giving you head, but at least their giving you brain. Don't be too disappointed though – after all, there's always next term. (emphasis mine)


Fucking fuck, seriously?

I'm pissed, but when I got to the "take full advantage" of office hours bit, that got scary. This is for incoming undergraduate students! I already worry about one-on-one office hours with male students, because I have been hit on before, their chair is between me and the door, and generally your students are not much younger than you (or in some cases, might be older). Now here we have someone telling them that this is a legitimate opportunity for flirtation.



Let's try that again.

"So you want to date your teaching assistant?" By Zokajo

1) Keep it in your pants. Your TA is there to teach you, not to fulfill your fantasies, be your fuck buddy, or in any other way serve your non-cerebral needs.


2) Always treat your TA with respect. Your TA has a lot on their plate. Be a student. Book office hours if you need them, and keep your questions concise. Be polite.

2) When the course is over, if you really think you made a connection, after all marks are in, email the TA a link to your Facebook profile. Say something like "hey, I thought you were really cool, now that I'm not your student I'd love to be social acquaintances!" and see if they take the bait. If not, leave them alone, forever. If they do, treat them like you would any other Facebook friend - i.e. WITH RESPECT.


But you probably shouldn't even do that. If your TA was one in a million and the love of your life, and you think they were into you too, it could be worth connecting. But otherwise, set your sights on other consenting people who are not captive audiences or workers. You are in university. There are lots of people who aren't paid to be there. Talk to them instead.


Eta: The Editor in Chief is going with the "it's just satire" route. Does anyone know of a good article or something for when people say "OH THAT WAS SATIRE YOU NON-HUMOUR HAVING PEOPLE" when they get called out for something like this? There has got to be things. This is the oldest (and stupidest) defense in the book.

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