Hey guys!

First of all, this story. My flatmate took me to a house party on Saturday, and I was sitting by the fire pit and chatting with him when a dude sits down in between us. He is very drunk and very high

“Is that an Australian accent I hear!”

I explain that it might be, but I’m actually a New Zealander.

And this starts off the WHOLE THING about where I’m really from (India) and all the places I’ve lived.

So this dude starts telling me about his new roommate who moved from Australia but is actually German.

He mentions his roommate’s very German name and I exclaim “we have the same last name!”


And he stops, his eyes get wide as saucers, and he says “WOAAAAHHHHH, how is that even possible?!?!”

I explain that I married into an American family with German roots, and he promptly stops speaking to me.


Super charming dude, really.

ANYHOO. Sobriety. Tex and I aren’t drinking for the month of June. No biggie for me, but he drinks a minimum of 4 strong beers every day. He mentioned that he doesn’t know if he can moderate his drinking, and he may end up stopping altogether, even after June.


I know a few GTers have quit drinking of their own volition, and I guess I’m just looking to hear about your experiences, and hopefully get some tips about supporting him through it if he does end up deciding to give sobriety a crack.

Thanks for reading!