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Bruno “deserves a new opportunity as a professional,” the team said in a separate post. “The club has no relation with Bruno’s personal actions, nor with his past, having hired only the professional.”

Sports > women’s lives. As always. Men’s entertainment is infinitely more important than anything to do with pesky women.

In 2010, he was arrested and three years later found guilty of homicide, kidnapping and hiding the body of his ex-girlfriend Eliza Samudio. He was sentenced to 22 years in jail.


In a shocking turn of events, Bruno was released last month on a technicality while his lawyers prepare an appeal.


So what happened was this woman got pregnant, and Bruno told her to get an abortion. Abortion is illegal in Rio, and also terrifyingly dangerous to procure (TW on that article, as it’s even more violent than this). She did not seek an abortion, which by all accounts makes her a ‘Good girl’ to the cultural norms. So she had the child, and then went seeking child support and acknowledgement of paternity from Bruno. Bruno...who is a wealthy sports player. Who could have easily supported his own child.

Well, instead of just paying up, he had her kidnapped, tortured and murdered. Apparently he also had wanted the child killed, but the people he hired did not want to do that. So they let the male child live. And yes, I do wonder if it had been a little girl if she would have been spared as well.


So all this...just because he doesn’t want to pay for a child he fathered. And what are his ‘fans’ saying?

Some, however, were supportive of Boa Esporte’s decision. Twitter user Raphael Odilon said: “The goalkeeper #Bruno committed a crime and paid for it.”


I’m sick to my stomach over this. I don’t know why the hypocrisy of misogynistic men continues to surprise me. But every day they reach a new low.

I’m getting into so many internet arguments lately with self-righteous conservative men who are quick to call me a ‘murderer’ because I’m pro-choice. Of course these are the same sort of men who whine about child support. Never mind the fact that child support is paid by both parents. It’s something that usually falls to men, so therefore it’s a high crime against them. They want America to be like Brazil. Where women often die in botched illegal abortions. But we women are somehow the ‘murderers’ and the villains because we want to be able to abort safety. Oh, and we’re also golddigging whores apparently. Even if we don’t have the option to choose. Even if a man sleeps with us of his own free will. It’s always our fault. Even if we’re killed.


This story just perfectly illustrates how women are thoroughly demonized no matter our choices and never forgiven. Meanwhile men are rarely condemned for any action - even murder.

Here’s the change.org petition to remove Bruno from the team that signed him. I hope you’ll sign it, although I find it disgusting that a petition is needed at all.

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