The Paralympics are starting today in Sochi. I'm not sure about anyone else but I'm feeling somewhat conflicted about watching them. It was bad enough with the anti-homosexual "propaganda" law that called into question the wisdom of watching the able-bodied athletes, but now with Russia actively engaged in detaching pieces of neighbouring countries the idea of watching a big celebration of sporting prowess hosted by them seems tasteless.

On the other hand the Paralympic athletes were already out there when this blew up. Disabled sport is always a distant second to able-bodied sport in terms of sponsorship and TV coverage and this is only the second Paralympic games (first winter) I can recall that has seen significant promotion and enthusiasm on British television (Channel 4 were really good with the 2012 Paralympics and I'm glad they got the coverage this time as well). Able-bodied sport already got their time in the spotlight and it's not really fair to penalise the Paralympians because in the intervening few weeks the hosts have out-arseholed themselves.

Of course Channel 4 have already paid for the rights so not watching probably won't hurt the organisers at all.