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Social Anxiety On My Birthday

Ok, today is a two post day because I need some help. I'm going out for my birthday. Alone, at first (meeting up with someone else later). Alone. At a crowded bar. Where I don't know anyone. On my birthday.

I've been there twice, but I don't quite know how to dress. I get really flustered with outfits because I dress very...um, dressy? here's what I'm wearing because it's one of the only acceptable things I own:


I really want to go. I really do. But I feel like I'll be judged (hipsters may be present) for looking like the mortician. And I'll be alone, there is going to be live music, and I may not be able to grab a seat at the bar.

I don't think it's a "bring a book" situation. I don't think I could strike up a conversation. I don't know if bartenders like it when you chat with them. I don't even know.

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