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Social Convention: My Current Feelings in Big Bang Theory Gifs

We know some people through a place where you have to be nice to people, even if they're not necessarily your bag. I'm getting better at recognizing these things and doing the pantomime of what I'm supposed to do, although sometimes (especially around semester breaks) I get grumpy and I don't like it, and I say rude things at home, on the internet, and to my husband.

Hi, how are you guys doing today? I'm totally interested in that thing we allegedly have in common. Please tell me more!


So there are these people and we're friendly! With exclamation points! Because adulting! They like things I'm not necessarily interested in (but which I don't want to shit on, because some of you are into those things - and they're still not my bag, but I'm not knocking the things, just the forced interest in people who were already only interesting by force).

They send these exciting! Announcement emails! And FluterDude is kind of excited, because I guess it's a social convention to be excited! And I can maybe fake that!

A representation of my internal monologue while faking interest in things I did not learn to care about because I was out sick that day in Elementary School.

There are things you're supposed to do when you're the type of person I am, and you're legit excited for. I think it looks like this:


It looks and feels a little like this:


I'm a terrible person and I'm going to Hell forever.

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