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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Social Media and Impotent Rage

Let's say, hypothetically, you learn of a terrible tragedy in the news. A suspect is named. Do you immediately go to Facebook/Twitter/Linked In/whatever to directly post on that person's feed? Do you feel better afterwards? Do you think they'll actually read it? Do you think they'll feel bad? What if you find out later on that it was actually someone else that perpetrated the crime? Do you post a follow-up apology?

I'm curious, beyond venting, what people get out of this activity, especially when, as in the Boston bombings, a couple names were floated that later turned out to be innocent. Maybe venting is enough in a time of crisis. Or maybe it isn't?


I've never been personally touched by something like this and, from a distance, it would never occur to me to seek out a suspect on Facebook and tell them how awful I thought they were.


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