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Welcome To The Bitchery

Social media & kids

So my first cousin's daughter (I'm not sure what that makes her to me...but I also consider her my cousin) is 10 and has an Instagram account. She follows me, so I followed her in return because I have nothing inappropriate on my Instragram. Anyway, she posted a screenshot of something and in the caption, she used the word "fuck" (as in "I don't know why the fuck"). I curse A LOT, but ugh, this is my problem with social media and kids...I don't want to see my little cousin cursing like that! Awkward.

Also, I just found out recently that my 12-year-old sister has a tumblr. That's fine, but not going to lie, I got a bit panicky and told her to be careful and safe on it.


I feel so old. I'm only 21. And I had my first social media account at 12 too, so I don't know why I'm freaked out by the idea.

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