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Social Media or How weirdos can connect

Why is social media the new thing to hate on? (I'm speaking in general, but the GT Twitter talk is what sparked this.) I have a Facebook, a Twitter, a Pinterest, and Instagram. I tried SnapChat but the app was wonky on my crappy phone. Tumblr I use for the organization but I don't post there. Google + has lots of good intentions but I never got into (neither did most people.) I never had a MySpace or a Live Journal back in the day but I was conversant in their language.

A portion of the world (again not GT-specific the world in general) gets very eye-rolly if you have more than one account. I'm not saying hashtags in my daily conversation, I don't shoot selfies every 5 minutes or impede on anyone else. I don't ignore people I'm with to tweet.

There's constant diatribes about how social media is causing a death to our society. Is it just the inevitable backlash that happens when something becomes popular or ubiquitous? Is it because social media is seen as a tool of young people, and we just have to wait until it's old enough to buy a drink?


People say the problem is we're not connecting IRL with people. Or that instead of getting to know your neighbors you're better friends with someone half a world away. What if you don't like your neighbors? Close proximity doesn't mean you automatically have something in common with someone. If your interests or personality are unusual and your social circle is limited to whoever is closest to you there's a good chance you're going to feel isolated.

I like knowing that if I need to I can walk away. If it becomes overwhelming I don't have to participate, if I'm not enjoying myself I can hit the close button and move onto the next thing. I don't have the same luxury in my real world. There are places and people I'm expected to interact with and social interactions and participation that I perform because it's easier than not doing so.

The Geekboy hasn't been home much lately, and the cats while good for snuggles aren't very talkative. Being able to connect virtually, even if I'm just on the sidelines helped keep me company. I grew up a lonely kid, raised by the TV and my books and it really molded me into being an involuntary introvert. Person-person interaction is beyond daunting for me some days, and some days I'm fine. Being 28 living where I do, I've pretty much had daily access to the internet since junior high. I have no nostalgia for a pre-internet world because for me it's being left alone with cable and Hot Pockets wishing I had someone to talk to

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