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Socks Update

Not that you care much, but for those who were interested in seeing the finished product of my fancy yarn + mock cables combo, I finished these socks this weekend:

I kept them to the ankle because I was worried about running out of said fancy yarn. I had lots left over but not enough to do two full-length socks.


I also started a new challenge for myself. This is the year of goals for me. Last year it was "learn to knit" and "learn to knit socks" - this year it's "knit at least 14 pairs of socks," "learn to knit cables," and "learn to knit with different colors in the same work."

I have a ways to go on the cables but I think these socks helped me learn a lot about how to make continuous cables and be able to read your knitting (you can't really tell in this picture, but there are a lot of places where I cabled the wrong stitch, etc. - it does actually show in the work).

But instead of doing more cables, I cast on a pair of socks that uses two colors last night. Colorwork goes FAST, mostly because you're knitting every stitch, even if just with a different color. This is where I am so far (sorry, a little blurry):


The stripes are in alternating colors so I'm just carrying the stripe I'm not working on up the back. The little design there is done with stranded knitting, which is interesting to do and I think I did OK for my first try on keeping the yarn carried across the rows that I wasn't knitting with suitably loose but not too loose. Here's a shot of the inside:


This pair of socks will be #7 of my 14 pairs goal. I have another pair that I have to finish (the one my cats destroyed the needles on), which will probably be done in April (whenever I finish this pair - I got new needles but decided to cast on something new rather than finish off that pair), and then I'll be looking for fun new things to do!

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