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Sofi Oksanen. Purge.

Before I regress into watching Doctor Who and reading bad Torchwood fanfiction for the evening, I'd like to know if anyone's read Purge by Sofi Oksanen? or seen the movie/play? or other work by her? care to share your views?

I guess I'm more interested in what you might have to say than sharing my views as this is a story about My People and I'm curious how y'all would see it. And because it has been a while since I read it.


Another thing I have read by her is Baby Jane which is sadly not available in English (to my knowledge). it's about my other people, as it's a story of intimate partner violence in a lesbian relationship in the 90s(?) era Finnish urban gay scene. and anxiety disorder. not so cuddly. neither is Purge (violence, rape, human trafficking, war, etc).

so between those two books, all the trigger warnings, basically.

I hope this post at least achieves the goal of bringing a queer woman writer to your attention.

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