Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Soft benefits

What do you like best about your current job/employer/manager? I’m kind of glad that my company doesn’t know how important their flexible schedule is to me, because they could pay me a significant amount less and I still wouldn’t leave. The normal workday is officially 8:30 - 5, but in reality it’s “show up somewhere before or around 9, unless you have a reason (any reason), and leave when your work is done. Or if you have a reason.”

Of course, there are often times when the OT we put in gets to be on the crazy side, but there are a lot of employers who expect you to work long hours and still expect you to be in your desk every minute of the workday.


Right now, I’m sitting at home with a cat on my lap in a recliner. I’m going to get all the work done that I need to, and I love the fact that they trust me to do so.

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