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Soft ice cream what NOT to do

Today we went to my fav grocery store. I got a bowl of soft serve icecream with a cone on top. I went to the cafeteria and at the ice cream in the bowl. The server always puts ice cream into the cone. I save the cone for my mother. The soft serve was chocolate. I could have gotten a twirl wth vanilla but I vastly prefer straight chocolate.

Well my mother came into the cafeteria I had put the cone which had a flat bottom standing on a napkin. Well she had on a yellow pull over blouse and white skirt that fell to the ankles. Now some of the ice cream melted, well some did, onto the napkin. Yup she picked up the cone with the napkin. Four drops on her blouse, not tiny drops, and one on her white skirt.

So if you see ice cream melted on a napkin in which the cone is placed on do NOT pick up the cone with the napkin.


She did clean of the drops with Old Dutch. Its not a person but some kind of powdered cleaner. Old Dutch is actually a good all purpose cleaner. Got stuff sticking at the bottom of a pan after cooking, a few sprinkles of OD helps.

Last summer as you recall I spilt McD’s Frappe on my pants, a few drops so this is kinda a sequel. Although I shrugged when it happened to me. She was more upset on both occassions.

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