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Backstory: my best friend in the entire world (seriously, I would do anything for this woman and I know she'd do anything for me) has been in a friends with benefits thing all summer. They've been friends since last summer, introduced by FWB's then-girlfriend-now-ex. FWB's ex now refuses to speak with my best friend. FWB also happens to be my best friend's "first".

I guess he just told her he wants to go back to just being friends. My best friend is now really upset and really sad, and I don't quite know what to say to her. I wasn't FWB's biggest fan (for a variety of reasons) so I feel like she's well shot of him, but I also suspect she may have developed feelings for him, despite her insistence that she hasn't. From what I can tell, they're still going to be friends...

I don't know. We're going to Skype tomorrow, and I want to be able to comfort her at least, regardless of my own feelings about the whole thing. She's upset, but she's also still really fond of him (and I don't think she quite knows or wants to admit to herself just how fond of him she's become).


I want to be the best friend she needs, but it's hard because I'm so far away - if I were home, I know exactly what I'd do (it involves lots of tea and/or wine and deliciously chocolatey baked goods, her head in my bosom, and a marathon of Monty Python movies in our pajamas until she felt like talking about it). As it is, none of that is possible, and I'm worried that my own (mostly negative) feelings about FWB will get in the way of my being there for her. Does anyone have any advice, speaking from their own experiences?

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