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Soliciting Your Stories About Depression

Depression is a major problem in the United States and elsewhere, made all the worse by the stigma surrounding it. It's the kind of problem that happens to other people, people less put together. I'm looking to make that a little less true, by letting people tell their own stories about depression.

The facts about depression are, well depressing. Nearly 10 percent of Americans meet the criteria for current depression. Nearly half of that meet the criteria for major depression. Suicide is the tenth-leading cause of death in the United States, with eleven estimated nonfatal suicide attempts for every successful one.


I would like to hear your story and include it in a compendium of stories about depression. Whether you are or have been suicidal or you just get sad sometimes, all stories are welcome. There is no acceptable level of depression for this. There also is no limit on length or scope. I will not be editing your story, but it may be excerpted for the main piece - I will have a separate post with full stories and your full story will be linked and available for all readers.

Email me with your stories of 100 words or more. Put "Depression" in the subject line, and let me know if you want to use your name, a pseudonym, or simply be anonymous.

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